What it takes to succeed… at literally anything!

What do you think of when you hear that word?… Successful…? I want you to think of this for a minute. I was just thinking to share my ideas what I think is important in order to succeed in life. I´m not a guru in any way, but I´m just talking from my own experiences in life.
In all honesty – we all want to be successful, don´t we? We want to be successful in our business and get a lot of money so we can be able to support ourselves and our family. To be able to buy that beautiful house! To buy that car we´ve always wanted! Some of us wants to get better at dating, and therefore we attend seminars, buy books and so on. We people are always looking for something better… something more in our lives. That´s just human nature. Most of us think that its not possible… they make up excuses why this can´t happen. But what if I told you that this is actually possible for you? In fact, anyone can have this. I´m sorry for being very straight forward here but the reason it wont happen lies within yourself… your mindset… You are the one who is preventing things from happening.
Although some things takes a long time to get really good at. Some people are willing to continue through the ups and downs, the roadblocks, the twists and the turns. Because their goal is just so clear, they can almost touch it in front of them… smell it… and feel it! They get excited by it and that itself is a motivation to move forward! On the other hand, some people get tired of it along the way. They lose focus… which in the worst case leads to they never find the success they want. And that´s very sad. Because they might have put down lots of energy into it and they are giving up their dreams they are really passionate about. A good goal is worth fighting for! Just remember that! Always remember that! No matter what!
Being successful, yes it takes being persistent and knowing for sure why you want it. And there is a reason why most people never become successful – because they make up excuses why they can´t have it. And also they want that instant gratification! It´s got to happen now. Not in a year or two. We want it now. Or at least in a very, very near future. That attitude sets up for failure right before we even got started.

Now, I could probably sit here and talk for hours what it takes to be successful. There are many aspects that need to be in the right place so to speak. Probably the biggest one in my opinion is having the right mindset and also know deep in your core why you want this!


You may have heard this before, but this is really critical in order to achieve what you want. You need to reprogram your mind. Start think of reasons why you should instead of shouldn´t! Start writing them down! And take a look at this paper every single day! This is a great first step. Then start thinking what you can do on a daily basis to get there. What actions do you have to take?


Yes, the fear of failing might scare some people from actually taking the steps necessary to become successful. Now, only here we need to understand that there is nothing to fear from failing. Absolutely nothing at all, that´s how we all learn and get better. In fact, I wouldn´t like to call it failing – I would like to call it success. I understand that this statement probably raises a few questions in your head. How could that be success? I tell you why, it is a success in that matter that you now know what not to do next time, which means you automatically reached one step closer to your goal. Welcome failure – if we at all should call it that in the first place! Welcome it! Embrace it! Be thankful for it!


If you want to be successful at anything at all, hard work is sometimes required to get there. You must put down the time and effort in order to get there.
What I like to think of is actually taking small steps at a time. One day at a time. Think of it as you are climbing Mount Everest. What would you be thinking if you stood down there ready to climb? Looking up onto this massive mountain. Knowing that its probably gonna take a long time to climb. We are talking days if not weeks. Knowing that along the way you might experience bad weather some days which makes it difficult to climb? Difficult terrains and severe conditions! Really cold and maybe you will be difficult to breathe up there. Now you may start feeling that it may not be so interesting anymore.
Now think of it this way, if you stood down there with a clear strategy, fully prepared for whatever the circumstances might be, determined to climb lets say 300-400 meters today. You have everything you need with you to go! You could probably see that one more easy to achieve since you only focus on that one small step – and then the second day do the same. And again. And again. Until you reached the top!


Sure, you may feel occasionally that the road is filled with road blocks and tough terrains, which is completely normal. I want to actually share my ideas around this, I´m not saying this will work perfectly for everyone but this is what´s working for me. Lets say I want to become more successful in my business and earn more money. I first create a bucket list of what I want to achieve if I had all this money and then keep them clear in my head. Maybe keep them as a document on my computer for example. Another thing I do on a regular basis is visualizing myself actually living the life I want to. Feeling the feelings I would feel when I have achieved all these nice things. Start writing these things down!
These are things that all successful people have gone through. I´m pretty sure you could look at any successful leader in the world has gone this way. Some days have been really tough, some days everything seemed to be going great! At the end of the day, it all comes down to how much you really want this.
Just remember that a good goal is worth fighting for!

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