How to completely eliminate fear of failure in business!



At times, I think we all can feel fear of different things! That is a mechanism we all have as humans. You are not alone. Many people do that! That´s completely normal! We can feel fear for different reasons, going to the job interview or that first date for instance. Talking to a big crowd of people can be scary, I know it used to be for me. We can also experience fear in starting a business, and that´s actually what I want to talk about here! When we are taking on something new, like building a business, for example, is something that can create a lot of fear and uncertainty.

I mean, where do I start? What happens if things don´t turn out the way I want? What will people think of me? Am I gonna be a failure if I don´t manage to follow through? Will my spouse and kids look down on me? Is this gonna cost me a whole lot of money to get started? Or maybe you are just unsure wheater or not you should take those steps at all in the first place?

You may recognize yourself in thinking about some of these negative thoughts. I know I did a lot of this in the past. But whether or not we decide to take the challenge is a completely different matter. Everything totally comes down to your mindset. You need to develop the right mindset in order to overcome fear of failure and to kick its a** out of the back door! Read this article and I show you how!


When failure (if we even should define it as failure) is possible, view it as a challenge and a chance to grow. 

I promise you that you will have a lot more confidence after getting out of that tunnel now when you have actually gone through it and actually managed it. Also, remember that failing is something we all do from time to time. It is a part of life. It is not your fault, I mean I don´t think there is anyone who has never experienced any kind of failure at all in life. So don´t ever beat yourself up about failing. Never do that! Never ever beat yourself up, because failing is just a part of the learning process and not something bad. If anything, ba happy about it because it helps you grow! Be grateful for them, yeah I know it may sound a little crazy but that´s the way you gotta see it!

It only comes down to how you want to see it. My absolute belief is that we learn from our mistakes and failures in life. It´s just a sign that we need to find another way forward to make it happen, we simply need to find it. If you experience a challenge in life, which is completely normal - you only fail if you decide to stop what you do and not continue. The reason you quit is simply that you haven´t found the right way forward yet, and yes of course that can be challenging at times! I absolutely agree and sympathize there! But believe me, it is there. If there is a will, there is always a way to move forward. Remember that!


"Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm" - Winston Churchill


The power of visualization

Another really powerful thing you should do is to visualize yourself going through it and actually getting out of the tunnel. You found a way out and now you are at the place you want to be, living the lifestyle or running the business you want. Anyhow, you have now reached the goals you wanted before you walked into that tunnel. By visualizing, this makes you feel more positive and you find the energy and the fire inside you to follow through!

Get a clear understanding of why you do this! Is your idea for example to be able to save up enough money so you can retire comfortably when the time comes? Do you want to start your own business? Do you want to buy that beautiful house by the beach? Do you want to buy that car you´ve always dreamed of? Remember - You can have it! Yes, I am gonna say that because I wanna tear down your negative belief system and say YES you can actually have these things! It is absolutely possible!

Of course, it´s gonna require some hard work on your part to get there, but you are not gonna let that get in the way right? Don´t let your dreams down - you will only let yourself down in the long run! So I highly encourage you, please don´t let your dreams and goals go just because you don´t want to put in the work! So, I want you to bring out a piece of paper and write down why you want this. Find your reason... your passion! I am absolutely 100% sure you have dreams, no matter who you are and your situation! You only need to find them! So, take your time to think of this.


“If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disney


Know what your end goal is - but focus on the daily and weekly goals

Stop looking at creating a business as this huge long process - even though it might be. I want to be honest here and say that it can take a while, but it is important that you don´t lose focus here. If you have this vision of creating this successful company, that is awesome but in order to make this happen, you need to lay the bricks first. Building a business is almost like building a house. Every single day you are laying more and more bricks on your house and after a while, you start to see that things actually start looking pretty good. The most basic parts of your house have been done. Then you have built your first room, then the living room, then the guest room. Then we have the first floor done! Things actually start to look pretty good by now. Awesome!

Make sure to take things in your pace and set good reasonable goals that you actually can see yourself reach within a week. Then do whatever you can to accomplish this! Remember to reward yourself when you actually have accomplished what you needed to do! This will give you confidence and make you motivated for next week's goals. It is also very important to see how far you´ve actually come since you got started! Remind yourself of that every single day! Think of how much work you actually put down in order to reach this place you now have reached.

Also, quit thinking too much!

Now, when I say this I am not saying you should stop thinking in general. What I am talking about here is actually stop thinking all these "what-if´s" you have! What if this, what if that! Stop doing this! It´s only hurting you!

That negativity and self-doubt take so much energy that could be used for something positive instead. The more you think, the more you will come up with reasons why this isn´t possible for you! Don´t think so much all the time! Instead of this, decide to make a shift in your mentality and start to understand and see HOW this can happen instead. What do you need to do? As I said earlier, this is a mindset issue. To overcome a fear of failure and actually succeed is totally up to your own mindset and belief that you can do it!

Your overthinking does nothing good for you, it only makes things worse for you here! It is an irrational fear that only holds you back from taking action - because you know you can do it! This irrational fear and self-doubts are actually holding you back so much that it leads you to believe you can´t do it! I mean, you can do it and these fears prevent you from realizing this! You know it and I want you to be absolutely clear about that! So, my message here is STOP THINKING! I can´t stress this one enough!


Develop a challenge mindset,

Take a moment to think - no, not that negative self-destructive thinking I mentioned in the previous part - but take a moment to think and reflect on your past successes and other challenges you´ve overcome. Big or small doesn´t matter.

This is a question about developing confidence, another key part of being successful. What happens when you do this, is that you become more confident that you can handle this. My suggestion is that you bring out a piece of paper and start writing down successes you´ve had in the past. Take your time to do this. Write things from top to bottom, write down situations where you have been doubting before taking action. As I said small or big doesn´t matter. When you are done with it, you start to get that feeling that you can take on this upcoming project with confidence too.

Another useful thing you can do is, grab another piece of paper and start writing down affirmations on it. Instead of saying to yourself why you can´t, write down why you can! Acknowledge your negative thoughts and tell yourself "no, this is not who I am"! Affirmations are something I use very much in my life and they have helped me a whole lot in business and other areas as well. If you are consistent with them - once a day, you write them down - and what will happen over time is that you actually start believing that you can!


“Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.” – Conrad Hilton


Constantly remind yourself why you are doing it!

Yes, I know I said this one before, but there is a reason for that! I just wanted to see if you paid attention there! This one is absolutely critical, that´s why I mentioned it again! Another key thing here is to really vividly remember why on earth you are doing this in the first place! My suggestion is for you to bring out a piece of paper - yeah, I know It's getting annoying with all these papers by now - and start writing down why you want this and how your life would look like after followed through.


“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.” – John D. Rockefeller


Take a moment to really think of this. Also, take a moment to think of what I´ve just shared with you. Was it helpful? Was it inspiring? Also, if you found this article helpful please write in the comment section! I´d be happy to hear from you! Please come check my other blogs here, where I share more ideas on how you can escape the 9-5 rat race by starting an online business.

Also, I wish you the best of luck in throwing down those fears of failure down in the dustbin!