About Daniel Schyllert

Hello!... My name is Daniel Schyllert. I live in Stockholm, Sweden.

Don’t worry, I don’t want to bother you with my whole life story. And I am pretty sure you are taking a breath of relief. Seriously, that would've taken forever to read, wouldn´t it? So I will save you that one.

Ok, I will cut it short, I´m just a regular person who used to work in an extremely stressful job. To be quite honest I got tired of it.

For seven years I´ve been working in real estate, which means a lot of long days. Lots of cold calling and running around delivering commercial about the company in many different areas of Stockholm.

It was stressful - even though I got some good exercise from running around with those commercial letters. Honestly, I got some great exercise and I had at least one great excuse of not going to the gym five days a week. I was getting the exercise... or well at least for my legs!

But honestly, I got more and more unfulfilled doing the same type of job every single day. Apart from that, I didn´t really had the time - or the energy for that matter - to do what I really wanted to do.

I was always busy and every day when I got home my energy was close to none.

However, one day I heard about this opportunity where you could get help to start your own online business.

I had just come home, lying on bed and looking around on YouTube for different videos,

For some reason, I happened to come across this ad right before a video started. This guy was talking about getting started with an online business.

An opportunity to be able to live your life the way you wanted, without having to work hard. Plus, you had the opportunity to work for financial independence overtime.

However, I was skeptical at first but I decided to at least listen to the guy. Then, I decided to check it up. I promise, even to this day I am so grateful that I decided to listen to the entire video!